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WVW gets new school board president, business manager and assistant manager

KINGSTON — Citing health reasons, Wyoming Valley West School Board Chairman David Usavage stepped down from the position at Wednesday’s monthly meeting, but will remain a board member. The board then elected Charles Kamus as the new president and Paul Keating as vice-president.

The district also got a new high school vice principal, with the board appointing Matthew Zampetti to the job for $70,000. The board accepted Cory Crossin’s resignation in June. And the meeting marked the first attended by new chief commercial officer Tom Witiak. He replaced retired Louis Cardoni, who extended his term until the end of this month to ease the transition.

The board also approved agreements with A+E Group for design fees for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) work at high school and middle school, and for HVAC work and elementary school roof replacement. of Third Avenue and Dana Street, for a combined cost of $743,625, to be covered with federal COVID-19 relief money. Costs per building are $172,575 for High School, $380,825 for Middle School, $75,950 for Third Avenue, and $114,275 for Dana Street.

The district hopes to limit the total cost of the high school to $3 million. Total cost estimates for the other schools were $8.9 million for the college, nearly $1.25 million for Third Avenue, and about $1.9 million for Dana Street.

And the board approved a memorandum of understanding with the education support staff union extending the current contract, which expired at the end of June, for another year, until June 2023. The memorandum of understanding includes a 60 cents per hour wage increase for all covered employees. by the contract.

In other cases counsel:

• Approved requests for boroughs to place school crossing guards at 67 designated locations in nine municipalities served by the district for the 2022-23 school year, with the district paying 60% of the borough’s hourly rate to each guard up to three hours a day while school is in session.

• Extended agreement with Pat Curley Detective Agency to provide security services at four elementary schools and middle school for the 2022-23 year and one option for the following year. The cost for the first year is $24 per hour in elementary schools and $25 in middle school, increasing by $1 per hour for the second year. The agreement provides for an armed security guard for 7.5 hours a day in elementary schools and 7.75 hours a day in middle school.

• Approved a “purchase of service agreement” with Beacon Light Behavioral Health “to be used only if we have a student(s) placed at this facility”. Beacon Health provides services for students with special needs in Custer City, McKean County, where at least one WVW student has been placed in the past. Beacon has requested a deal for the coming year in case there are future placements. Tuition fees per student range from $104 to $331 per day depending on the services needed.

• Approval of an agreement with Graham Academy, a Kingston institution specializing in students with autism, for the upcoming school year with daily tuition per student of $247 for the regular school year and $160 for the extended school year, with related services at each semester fee ranging from $28 to $174.

• Approval of an agreement for the Children’s Services Center Inpatient Program — providing educational, therapeutic and behavioral support at CSC’s Milford E. Barnes Jr. School in Wilkes-Barre — at a cost of $134 per day. There are potential additional charges for special circumstances.

• Approval of an agreement for Third Dimension Specialties to install plastic toilet partitions in the women’s and men’s stalls at the stadium to allow for a disabled toilet in each bathroom. The $9,740 price is set by the Costars State Cooperative Buying Program.

• Accepted the resignations of high school suspension worker Daniel Messinger, high school Spanish teacher Brittany Driscoll-Hernandez, middle school math teacher Alexandria Briggs-Reichart, general aide Stephanie Dupras, goalkeeper Ronald Austra and cleaners Alexander Jackson, Katherine Dyanick and Natalya Krasnova.

• Appointed Michael Gavlick as $50,000 Physical Science Professor; Katie Grego, Keriann Balucha and Jessica Podsckoch as $50,000 special education teachers; Vera Sedlak as a special education teacher at $46,000; Ed Zawatski, Molly Ramsey, Citalalli Zaragoza and Natalie Schultz as English/Language Arts teachers at $46.00; Sarah McCracken as a $50,000 art teacher; Lauren Coggins as the $46,000 Spanish teacher; Tabitha Carty as the $50,000 math teacher; Brianne Brady as a $46,000 art teacher.

• Appointed Danielle Sennett as $10/hour clerk, Gordon Rasmus as $12/hour janitor and Matthew Garrabrant and Stephanie Dupras as $12/hour cleaners.

• Voted to solicit bids for the purchase of a minimum of 260 Promethean ActivPanel interactive displays or functionally equivalent alternatives, to be funded with federal COVID-19 relief money.

• Approved the visiting professor agreement with Intermediate Unit 18 of Lucerne for 2022-23. The Guest Teacher program is designed to address the shortage of substitute teachers in the region, allowing an individual with a bachelor’s degree who meets various clearances and requirements to fill in without obtaining a state teaching license for a limited time. .

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