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Who is Edward White? Johnny Depp’s business manager opens up about the actor’s financial affairs and settling divorce with Amber Heard

On Thursday, April 28, Johnny Depp’s business manager, Edward White, testified in the actor’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard. White’s deposition mainly concerned a crucial meeting between him and Depp in April 2016 regarding the Pirates of the Caribbean star finances.

White called Depp’s finances “difficult” around 2016, when he was brought in to assess them. The business leader further said his plan to improve finances included selling some properties and cutting expenses.

In the deposition, Edward White also mentioned Amber Heard’s settlement demands during her divorce from Depp. In previous testimony from ACLU COO Terence Dougherty, it was revealed that Heard had failed to pay the amount she promised the nonprofit.

What Did Edward White Say About Johnny Depp’s Expenses and Amber Heard’s Divorce Settlement Claims?

On Thursday, Edward White recalled meetings with Johnny Depp and discussed the time he had to settle a $160,000 bill from a winery. White said:

“She [Amber Heard] was initially looking for a $4 million match, but his demand kept growing…and then it got worse. The next request was that all of this consideration be paid to him tax-free.”

White said Amber Heard increased her claims in the divorce settlement to $5 million. However, that amount was later increased to $7 million and about $500,000 for his attorneys. She later increased her claims to $13.5 million, where she wouldn’t have to pay taxes. Thus, the actual amount became $14.25 million. However, the court ultimately decided on a $7 million payment, and Heard had pledged to donate all of it to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Meanwhile, he also supported ACLU Chief Operating Officer Terence Dougherty’s claim that Heard asked Johnny Depp to make payments to the nonprofit and the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital on his behalf. Either way, Depp reportedly donated $100,000 each.

In the deposition, Edward White also mentioned Johnny Depp’s cellar bill that reached nearly $160,000 in 2020. This massive bill was around the time of Depp’s split from Heard. White added:

“[Now] His wine bill has practically dropped to zero.”

What do we know about Johnny Depp’s business partner, Edward White?

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Edward White is the actor’s business manager. White founded and managed his own business, Edward White & Co., LLP, in 1976. According to his company website and White’s profile, his business involves providing “tax planning and compliance services, accounting and auditing services, business management services, financial services, forensic and litigation services, and other consulting services.”

In line with his credentials, Edward White holds a BS from California State University and an MBA from the University of Southern California. The business leader is also said to have covered topics such as corporate, trust, partnership and personal taxation in his postgraduate studies. According to his profile, White has been a guest lecturer at both universities.

In 2017, White assisted Johnny Depp in a lawsuit against The Management Group, where the actor accused them of fraud and non-payment of his tax returns at the time, resulting in a heavy sentence for the 58 year old man.

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