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BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota – The Dingo TX 700 joins Toro’s already comprehensive Dingo range. Due to the small size and punching power of the Dingo TX 700, it is the ideal machine for homeowners and contractors working in tight spaces. It packs 700 pounds of rated operating capacity into its small footprint, bringing Toro-level power to anything it touches.

“The compact size and flexibility of the Dingo TX 700 is bound to be a game-changer for operators,” said Kyle Cartwright, Marketing Director at Toro. “The fact that it is small, but incredibly efficient, increases the applications of the Dingo TX 700 on the jobsite. This Goofy has the potential to be the compact go-getter in the operation.

Equipped with patented Dingo TX 1000 traction controls and a dedicated platform, the Dingo

The TX 700 is easy to use and offers increased comfort and visibility. Even if the buyer is new to using heavy machinery, it will quickly become second nature.

The versatility of Dingos, or compact utility loaders, is well known – and the Dingo TX 700 is no different. In fact, its small size further increases versatility by allowing it to reach areas other Dingoes cannot. It is also compatible with dozens of attachments, which means the machine can be used for a wide variety of jobs. Accessories include several types of buckets, adjustable forks, grapple, leveler, utility blade and more. Getting more work done using fewer machines is a major benefit, plus the Dingo TX 700 doesn’t require as much storage space as its larger counterparts.

It’s also easy on the grass. The Dingo TX 700 is available in narrow track and wide track configurations – the wide track option features the industry tested Camso track system. The system features a less aggressive tread pattern that is gentle on the turf and minimizes damage.

The new Dingo TX 700 will be available from mid-2022. To learn more about Toro’s compact utility loaders, visit the Toro website.

Additionally, Toro throws the Goofy TX 1300. It brings a new combination of power, range and convenient control to the Toro Dingo range. When you have a lot of gear to move, the Dingo TX 1300 provides the power you need to do it efficiently. It is ideal for landscaping, landscaping and tree maintenance work, although its versatility allows it to be used for much more.

The Dingo TX 1300 features an exclusive INTELLISCOPE loading arm with SmartLoad technology, giving the operator an additional 26 inches of reach. The impressive 109-inch hinge pin height allows for lifting off the side of a dumpster or truck, another major convenience. The goal of these features is to help users achieve maximum productivity. Similarly, Toro has integrated hydraulic and loader arm functions into a single thumb-operated controller for easier and more accommodating use. One hand can be used to operate the loader arm and attachments and the other to operate the Toro patented traction controls. This feature makes it easier than ever to pick, place and empty loads throughout the day.

“The comfort of a machine can make or break the experience of the operator who uses it day in and day out. The comfort features of the Dingo TX 1300 make using it an enjoyable experience for anyone who sets foot on the platform, ”said Cartwright. “By minimizing the number of zones with buttons and controls, the operator can better focus on the job at hand, improving productivity and efficiency. ”

Customers will also appreciate the pressure-relieving quick-hitch system, which makes it easier to hook up attachments, as well as a larger driving platform for increased operator comfort. All of these features are combined into a compact footprint that is manoeuvrable in tight spaces, helping to get the job done more efficiently.

The new Dingo TX 1300 will be available from winter 2021. To learn more about Toro’s compact utility loaders, visit the Toro website.