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Volkswagen could buy Huawei’s smart car business: Report

According to Chinese mediathe mid-size SUV AITO M5 jointly built by Huawei and SERES will be delivered in March 2022. The company keeps the promise to the consumer and will ship large quantities of AITO M5.

On December 23, Huawei unveiled the first AITO (Adding Intelligence to Auto) series car equipped with HarmonyOS ecosystem, industrial design, engineering technology, etc.

For your information, in just 4 days of launch, the pre-booking of this smart car has exceeded 6500 units, which clearly shows its popularity among consumers. Moreover, it is also impressive that AITO M5 landed in the market and only took 3 months from release to delivery.

More information reveals that SERES has accelerated the mass production of the AITO M5 mid-size SUVs. Moreover, more than 1000 customers have taken this car for a test drive in Huawei stores. The M5 is available for a test drive at over 400 Huawei stores and over 100 SERES centers covering 90 cities.

About Huawei AITO M5:

Huawei’s new smart pick car – AITO M5 is a hybrid car that runs on both electricity and gasoline and is jointly built by Huawei and SERES. The high-end smart luxury SUV features SERES capabilities in extended range technology and Huawei’s cutting-edge technology to bring a new experience to users.

This SUV also supports Petal Maps, a new in-vehicle mapping service, which brings the HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit intelligent navigation experience to car owners, enabling easy connection of navigation functions between mobile phones and vehicles.

In addition, it uses advanced precision oil cooling technology, the average maximum temperature of the winding is reduced by 30℃, and the maximum temperature of the magnetic steel is reduced by 15℃.

Additionally, the AITO M5 offers six color options, including Ceramic White, Pine Frost Green, Ice Crystal Gray, Golden Black, Mihai Blue, and Azure Blue. In addition, three interiors in ivory white, polar night black and agate brown.

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