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Triumph Group company receives order for propeller unit

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A major unnamed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of engines has recently signed a production contract with Triumph Group’s TRIUMPH Systems, Electronics, and Controls business, based in Berwyn, to 400 Automatic Feather Units (AFU) over the next two years, which will be used on the ATR72 family. of planes.

The order also includes a planned future order for 300 AFUs per year with an upgrade of approximately 2,000 aircraft in service.

AFUs work by providing torque signal conditioning and automatic propeller feathering during takeoff.

“TRIUMPH has supplied more than 25,000 electronic control units to engine builders over the past decade,” said Justin Wolfanger, president of TRIUMPH Systems, Electronics, and Controls. “Our core electronic technology and intellectual property has enabled us to offer our customers a new state-of-the-art AFU.”

TRIUMPH designs, engineers, manufactures, repairs and overhauls a portfolio of aerospace and defense systems and components for the global aviation industry. Customers include commercial aircraft operators, military and OEMs.

The TRIUMPH Systems, Electronics, and Controls business specializes in the design, development, certification, manufacture, and repair of electronic engine control systems, fuel controls, fuel pumps, and metering units fuel for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

It operates in two locations in Connecticut and one in Ohio.