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Triton Tweaks Faucet | Radio and television activity report

digital newt updated its monetization technology, “Faucet”. The upgraded version of the ad server platform adds better flow throughout the lifecycle of audio ad campaigns.

The improved version of “Faucet” provides:

A simplified user interface and quick search filters limit the number of clicks needed to create a campaign.

Advanced creative management features, including the ability to use multiple creatives in a single delivery, support for weighted or sequential rotations, and the ability to apply targeting rules to specific creatives.

Improved support for ad breaks for finer control of frequency capping and pacing and new ad separation rules, in line with IAB guidelines. It allows a better application between ads sold directly by the publisher and programmatic ads.

Extensive ad and campaign targeting that includes advanced geo-targeting in all countries, with publisher content bundled into one campaign.

“Our unparalleled portfolio of audio ad technologies helps publishers manage and monetize content more effectively,” said Benjamin Masse, Product Manager, Triton Digital. “Tap delivers a seamless experience throughout the audio ad campaign lifecycle to better deliver personalized ad creatives that not only improve the listening experience, but also an organization’s bottom line.” »

“Faucet” is an API-driven platform that publishers can choose to control everything through an API or the Tap UI.