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Timothy Christian School students win state business plan competition

Virtual Enterprises International recently announced that VE students at Timothy Christian High School in Elmhurst have won the Illinois State Business Plan Competition and are now finalists in the prestigious Illinois National Business Plan Competition. VE, scheduled for April 2022 in New York.

The event features some of the best and brightest student leaders and entrepreneurs in the country.

Since the start of the school year, the students have operated Core Inc., a virtual business they created and managed every day in class as part of the VE program. The company specializes in the rental of electric cars.

For the state business plan competition, students were asked to submit a written business plan and oral presentation to a team of judges and educators, who critiqued their entries and assessed their responses during a follow-up question-and-answer session.

In April, Timothy Christian’s students and approximately 40 other finalists across the country will compete for first place in VE’s national business plan competition. More than 300 schools compete for the highest honor each year. The top eight NBPC 2021 entries can be found at

The competition is part of the year-long VE program that provides more than 20,000 students each year with the opportunity to create and run virtual business ventures at 430 schools across the country. Through the program, students start a business together, play roles in the business, transact with other simulated businesses, attend trade shows, and manage the business as if it were real.

Virtual Enterprises International is a national non-profit organization that transforms students through authentic business experiences that prepare them for a fulfilling and financially secure future. Since its inception in 1996, Virtual Enterprises has served more than 200,000 high school students, many of whom come from economically disadvantaged communities. In 2015, VE launched the VE-JV Career Academy, a similar two-year program that enables 7th and 8th graders to develop technology and entrepreneurial skills by starting and running businesses. About 90% of VE students interact with professionals who mentor them regularly and 87% identify a career path that interests them as a result of their involvement in the VE program.

Virtual Enterprises International currently supports 16,500 students across the United States each year and is part of a global network spanning 40 countries and more than 7,000 student-run businesses. Learn more at, Facebook, TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.