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The organization calls for the adoption of strong energy policies

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American Petroleum Institute (API) President and CEO Mike Sommers recently co-hosted the annual State of America’s Energy event with other API leaders, engineers industry and innovators.

Sommers urged the Biden administration and Congress to enact policies that strengthen U.S. energy leadership while reducing emissions.

Policies should encourage the development of responsibly produced household energy and tackle climate change, as well as provide certainty, unleash private investment and build on technological advances in industry, Sommers said.

Technology is changing and transitioning the industry, he said, and that is making a low-carbon future a reality.

“In many ways, the state of American energy is strong,” Sommers said. “Our nation has the resources and expertise to meet our energy needs, support millions of jobs, continue to face the risks of climate change, and protect America from the dangers of dependence on unreliable foreign sources. Even so, we’re starting 2022 with Americans seeing energy and its costs as top concerns. That’s partly because lately we’ve seen policies to restrict production and delivery of American natural gas and oil.

Founded in 1919 as a standards organization, API represents the American natural gas and petroleum industry. It has nearly 600 members.