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The new APTmpX algorithm for radio is coming

WorldCast Systemsthe provider of advanced broadcast products, is pleased to announce “the further evolution” of its APTmpX product, a “non-destructive” MPX/composite compression algorithm.

Despite the advent of the Internet and digital broadcasting standards, FM remains the world’s most popular transmission format and a central technology in broadcasters’ efforts to maximize their reach and audience. As a result, new technologies had to be created to allow an FM-centric workflow to work for Internet broadcasting as well.

The initial version of APTmpX, launched in October 2020, offered FM broadcasters access to high-quality signal compression for the resulting centralized FM MPX/Composite transmission, solving the difficulty of maintaining both high-quality transmission and profitable.

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The use of APTmpX confers several advantages. Since the majority of composite equipment at broadcast sites is eliminated with a centrally generated MPX/composite signal, besides the obvious network savings, several broadcasters have already managed to reduce hardware costs with APTmpX. Additionally, according to the company, APTmpX combines signal fidelity with the best latency performance and makes it easier than ever to ensure a consistent sound signature across the entire transmitter network.

“Thanks to its low complexity and ease of integration, APTmpX has already proven itself as the ultimate solution to enable a 100% digital transmission chain, ensuring the transition from digital studios to digital transmitters,” said Gregory Mercier, director of product marketing at WorldCast Systems. . “With these new releases, we’re bringing its power to a whole new section of the market, enabling broadcasters in low bandwidth penetration areas to deliver stunning audio quality to their audiences, no matter what they’re listening to. “