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The InFOCUS Podcast: Tony Michaels, Powell Broadcasting

“I really don’t want to hunt happy,” says Tony Michaels, Operations manager at Powell Broadcasting in Sioux City, Iowa. “When I moved here in 1997 it was Powell Broadcasting and it’s the same here today.”

With Chairman Robert Bond and owner of parent company The Powell Group Nanette Noland still in top management positions, Powell is not just Radio in Siouxland. The diversified company has assets in rice, timber, energy, agriculture and real estate. That said, “She makes it possible to do what we do,” Michaels says of Noland.

Maybe that’s why he lied to his girlfriend at the time when he said they would stay in Iowa for two to three years and move back to Nebraska. “It’s a great place to raise a family and local decisions are made here in the market.”

In this freshness InFOCUS Podcastpresented by dot.FMMichaels offers more details on why he’s super excited to be celebrating a quarter century in Siouxland with Powell, and why he’s not being chased after other radio jobs in bigger markets.

“After sharing your heart on the radio for 25 years, I feel like I have thousands of friends,” he shares. “It probably isn’t, but that’s how it is when I go to the grocery store.”

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