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The APTS expands to the Board of Directors

American Public Television Stations (APTS) confirmed the election of the Director General of Arizona PBS to its board of directors.

She started in this role on Wednesday (6/1) and will act as a professional trustee of the APTS and administrator of the board of directors of APTS Action inc.

“We are delighted to welcome Adrienne Fairwell to our Board of Directors”, declared the President and CEO of the APTS, Patrick Butler. “Having held leadership positions in both a state-owned public television network and a university undergraduate, Adrienne will bring a particularly useful perspective to our work planning the future of public television stations and creating ways innovative solutions to better serve our communities through our public service missions of education, public safety and citizen leadership.

Fairwell commented: “Despite the unprecedented uncertainty and challenges we have faced as a country in recent years, public media has resisted, serving as a vital resource provider, storyteller and community assembler. Recognizing the importance of these roles, I am honored to have been elected to the APTS Board of Directors and look forward to participating in ongoing discussions regarding the future of public television and how we might better serve our respective communities.

Fairwell took over as head of Arizona PBS in April 2021. She previously served as an assistant. CEO of South Carolina ETV (SCETV) and public radio (SC Public Radio) and Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Development.