Business plan

Thai Union: SEALECT TUNA ready to unveil a business plan to focus on healthy and sustainable growth As a leader in the tuna market and aims to increase the consumption of canned tuna in Thailand

Bangkok – 31 August 2022 – ‘SEALECT TUNA’, the leading Thai canned tuna brand of Thai Union Group Company Limited, the world’s number one tuna processor and world leader in seafood, is delighted to celebrate its 30e years of success with the “Healthy Living, Healthy Oceans” campaign. which guides business decisions and we aim to increase the consumption of canned tuna in Thailand. We Make is central to promoting healthy lifestyles through the products we offer consumers.

Mr. Saran Rattanarungruengchai, General Manager – Emerging Markets at Thai Union, said on the 30th anniversary of SEALECT TUNA, sources the freshest tuna only from the deep seas. We thank all customers and appreciate your patronage, and appreciate your confidence in our brand. We are committed to “Healthy Lives, Healthy Oceans”. With a focus on health, wellness and nutrition across our group’s portfolio. and we will continue to lead the industry in sustainability while attracting and retaining talent.

The total market share of SEALECT TUNA is around 58% in Thailand, valued at 1,000 million Baht, the growth rate is 8%, valued at 50 million Baht, and continues to grow 5-10% This year. Consumption behaviors and trends, Understanding the necessary shift towards a varied, healthy, sustainable and enjoyable diet. SEALECT Tuna aims to increase tuna consumption from 50 grams/person/year to 100 grams/person/year by 2025

“SEALECT TUNA brings innovation to produce a 4B framework; Brain, Body, Burn and Beauty to deliver a wide range of food choices that all taste great, are nutritious, healthy and sustainable. To foster these best choices, we will launch the new product online with at least 3-4 SKUs per year.SEALECT TUNA continues to support the Thai Volleyball Association to achieve global volleyball rankings and drive a positive transformation in the global volleyball product industry. sea ​​through our commitments to Safe and Legal Labor, Responsible Sourcing, Responsible Operations and People and Communities” Saran Rattanarungruengchai, Managing Director – Emerging Markets at Thai Union Group.

SEALECT TUNA has over 40 SKUs, ready-to-cook product lines including 75% Tuna in Mineral Water, Tuna in Brine and Tuna in Oil are priced at 35-40 Baht/box , and premium canned ones are 45-52 baht. /box. For ready-to-eat ranges; the price is 35-69 baht. We will continue to grow our business by committing to providing consumers with an expanded choice of nutritious products while seeking new collaborations and innovating for new opportunities such as SEALECT TUNA x Doraemon Original Series.

For more information, visit และ LINE Official Account: @SEALECT