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Subscription management service Younium opens its US headquarters in Philadelphia

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Younium, the European subscription management hub for B2B companies, recently opened its US headquarters in Philadelphia.

“We always planned to have a bigger presence in the United States,” said Younium founder and CEO Niclas Lilja. “Many of our existing customers are based in the United States, and we wanted to have a location closer to them and have employees in their time zone to better serve them in addition to our European customers. We knew we wanted a seat social on the east coast, and Philadelphia was the ideal city due to its size and home to many other tech companies.

The company streamlines subscription management, billing, financial reporting, and data insights to give businesses full control over subscriptions, access more accurate metrics, and more easily implement scalable processes. It operates in Sweden and the Netherlands.

By expanding into the United States, Younium can take advantage of the growing US software-as-a-service market and demand for subscription management.

Jeremy Goodman will serve as Chief Commercial Officer, leading and developing the US sales team.

Nimia Amaya will serve as Director of Demand Generation and grow the marketing and communications team in the United States.