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SAP program helps Unilever improve its supply chain

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SAP SE’s GreenToken solution helps Unilever improve its global palm oil supply chain.

The solution helps Unilever track, verify and report the origin and route of palm oil through the supply chain in near real time, increasing traceability and transparency.

Unilever applied GreenToken in Indonesia to source over 188,000 tons of oil palm fruit. The company’s suppliers were able to create tokens that reflect the material flow of palm oil through the supply chain.

Raw materials are often mixed with physically identical raw materials from verified and unverified sustainable sources after the “first mile” of the supply chain. This means that information about the origin of the material is obscured or lost.

“With GreenToken, we want to bring the same traceability and supply chain transparency to bulk raw materials that you get by scanning a barcode or QR code on any consumer product,” said Nitin Jain. , co-founder and managing director of the GreenToken by SAP solution. . “Our solution allows companies to determine the percentage of palm oil products they have purchased from a sustainable source and track it through to the final consumer product.”

Unilever has set itself the goal of improving on-going, industry-leading efforts in supply chain visibility.

SAP’s US headquarters are located in Newtown Square.