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Recruiters return to college campuses

Job recruiters are returning to college campuses and some employers are going all out with intimate meetings and flashy presentations.

Young graduates are in high demand, The Wall Street Journal reports. Employers plan to hire at least 30% more new graduates this year than last, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

In some fields, including technology and finance, starting salaries are in the six figures. And while many young workers say they want to work remotely part of the time, some are ready to be in the office.

Career fair booths can be impersonal compared to private events. This semester, many companies are creating exceptional experiences for students to present a more engaging pitch. Businesses and colleges say there is more in-person recruiting this semester than at any other time since the pandemic began.

“The days of regular briefings are over,” says Nicole Furnia, Director of Academic Relations for Arrive Logistics. “Many students have not experienced a campus recruiting cycle and are learning to network and interview in person.”

However, while strategies for finding work remain standard, many digital options, like LinkedIn and Handshake, are being added every day, says Kelly Rownd, career exploration manager at LSU Olinde Career Center. Recruiting events are valuable for job hunting, and a number of employers have chosen to engage in in-person and online events.

Many employers and colleges say virtual briefings will continue alongside in-person recruiting, especially for companies with limited travel budgets or those looking to attract more applicants.