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Podcast Movement Apology to Ben Shapiro

It was nothing less than a brief appearance at a Podcast movement exhibition stand of a company that he holds in co-ownership, The Daily Thread, paid for. But, for at least one attendee, the very appearance of an individual known for his controversial stance on the LGBTQ+ community led conference organizers to apologize for his presence on Twitter.

That sparked a storm in itself, leading Cumulus Media, parent company of Westwood One – syndicator of a talk show featuring the personality – to announce this week that it was severing ties with Podcast Movement.

On Thursday, a long-awaited apology addressed to Ben Shapiro came from Podcast Movement.

As first reported Thursday night by Streamline Publishing’s radio ink, Podcast Movement President Dan Franks followed up a Tweet that essentially excused the popular podcast and radio host by posting the following statement:

“As we have stated, we continue to evaluate our policies guiding social media and events with inclusiveness, diversity and respect for all. We must begin by sincerely apologizing to Mr. Shapiro for our reaction when he visited a booth that we sold to his company. It wasn’t fair.

“Podcast Movement began in 2014, with four podcasters who came up with the idea of ​​creating a vibrant community that was for podcasters, by podcasters. We are still the ones with the same idea and we recognize that there is work to be done as we grow.

“We are now looking to move forward, as we focus on that original 2014 mission – to be a hub for podcasting events, resources, news and thought leadership.”

Perhaps the apology is a little too late to save Podcast Movement’s business relationship with Cumulus. The Cumulus podcast network has been The daily threadcommercial advertising since 2016; The Ben Shapiro Show is syndicated by Westwood One.

In a statement previously released by RBR+TVBRCumulus Media said, “After giving Podcast Movement executives sufficient time to appropriately address their misstep, we are distancing ourselves from Podcast Movement, including canceling our sponsorship plans for 2023.”