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Omega Systems Launches Managed IT Compliance Service

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Reading-based Omega Systems, a provider of managed services for highly regulated businesses, recently launched Smart Comply, a managed IT compliance service to help businesses manage cybersecurity risk and comply with regulations.

Highly regulated businesses include government and organizations in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and professional services sectors.

The service allows companies to see their vulnerabilities, risks and requirements to facilitate corporate governance, risk and compliance. He collaborates with in-house virtual information security managers to assist with policy development, remediation of deficiencies, operational due diligence and overall compliance strategy.

“In today’s environment — with escalating cyber threats, IT staff shortages, and increasing scrutiny of technology by internal and external stakeholders — businesses cannot afford to let compliance drop,” said Omega Systems CEO Bill Kiritsis. “Smart Comply is designed to help organizations meet these challenges by demonstrating the potential financial and operational risk associated with ineffective compliance management – ​​and giving them a strategic path forward that embeds compliance directly into the IT roadmap. .”

The service is aimed at businesses looking to ease the compliance burden on their current IT team, meet cyber liability insurance requirements, understand the value of their data and how it correlates to risk, and meet demands. regulators, investors, customers and other stakeholders.