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Npower News – Nexit Applicants Bemoan EDI Business Plan Fees

Npower News – Nexit Applicants Bemoan EDI Business Plan Fees

Some Nexit applicants complain that their EDI requires them to pay a fee for a business plan that some of them said they could write on their own. They called Npowerng management to review this situation and take action.

According to a complaint filed by a Nexit candidate on one of the volunteer’s social chat platforms, he claims that this EDI is spreading panic in the hearts of our fellow citizens and cajoling them into paying this fee with force, a threat indirect that those of us who are unwilling to pay would not have our participation and the application (business plan) that we submitted ourselves.

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He said most if not all of us are graduates, some of us are professional business people who only need this loan to grow our business, some of us are consultants even in the drafting of business plans and any feasibility study.

As in, what’s the essence if you trained a graduate on how to do something, and then you still insist on doing it for them? It only means that you, the trainer, have failed in your responsibility if you still think that he cannot do it on his own. It is a pure scam, our people suffer a lot and spend a lot, through the process of registering for this nexit, being shortlisted and even attending the training without any compensation, he added.

He mentioned a particular EDI responsible for Ekiti training, saying he originally posted a free online business plan template that many wrote themselves, and some who couldn’t write themselves consulted experts to write and complete the business plan for them. ,

Spending again, only for EDI! to throw everything out after almost a month and call everything out after almost a month and create their own “pay and get online” model that could only generate a business plan for 27 companies, and for those who have the intention to do the same business, they will certainly have the same business proposal presentation with only the personal details differentiating their acclaimed perfect business plan. This is a big scam in the shadow of agony.

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He added that they would only accept orders from Npower to go ahead and pay that EDI before they could succumb to their threats.