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Neurotech Monthly Business Report 2022: Company Management, Customers, Core Technology, Competitive Position, Financial History and Future Outlook –

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The Neurotech Business Report is the premier publication targeting the business of neurotechnology, the application of engineering techniques to human neural and information processing systems. Each monthly issue of Neurotech Business Report brings you in-depth, expert analysis of one of the newest and most promising industries of the 21st century.

While other newsletters cover the broad area of ​​medtech, no other publication specifically targets the neurotech industry. And no one else is looking beyond the healthcare industry to cover the ongoing technology transfer from medical devices to commercial products in emerging markets like computer interfaces and training/simulation.

Technologies covered

The Neurotech Business Report covers in-place and on-the-horizon activity and technology in:

  • Neural prostheses

  • Neuromuscular rehabilitation

  • Neural Stimulators

  • Magnetic sensing and stimulation

  • Artificial neural networks

  • Brain/computer interfaces

  • Neural/silicon hybrids

Covered markets

The editors of Neurotech Business Report scour the scene for current and potential applications of neurotechnology in areas such as:

  • Neurology

  • Neurosurgery

  • Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation

  • Psychiatry

Who will benefit

With its blend of up-to-date technology analysis and visionary insights into future market growth, Neurotech’s business report is aimed at entrepreneurs, upper-level managers, financial executives, and other key players in the this growing industry, including engineering managers, financial planners, venture capitalists and marketing managers.

In every issue

Each issue of Neurotech Business Report offers information-rich features and departments that give you a complete picture of the state of the industry.

Market analysis

The editors take an in-depth look at an emerging market for neurotechnology products and systems. They’ll tell you who the key players are, where the customers are coming from, barriers to growth, and likely growth rates.

Supplier Profiles

Each issue contains a critical analysis of a key manufacturer. Editors review company management, customer base, core technology, competitive position, financial history and future prospects.

Offers and start-ups

You will be kept up to date with information on funding activities from venture capital sources, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and licensing agreements.

Profiles of research institutions

The editors will introduce you to the main sources of technological development in universities, governments and private research institutes. They will inform readers of opportunities for technology licensing or participation in sponsored consortia.

Legal and regulatory issues

You are kept informed of regulatory matters that may or may not affect the market, including

  • FDA regulations

  • Current legislation

  • Intellectual property issues

  • Court decisions

Conference Highlights

Editors cover dozens of tech conferences, association meetings, trade shows, and events, filtering out news, trends, and important discoveries from everyone.

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