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Nancy K. Perry Children’s Shelter > Columbia Activity Report

Mission statement:

To provide a safe and nurturing home-style environment for children in crisis, allowing them to heal and grow.

Name of the organization: Nancy K. Perry Children’s Shelter

Year of local establishment: 1972

High local executive: Ryan Taylor, Executive Director

Contact information:
Box 344
Lexington, SC 29071
Call: 803-359-8595
Fax: 803-259-8518

Contacts for corporate donations:
ryan taylor
Box 344

Lexington, SC 29071
Call: 803-359-8595
E-mail: ryan taylor

Average number of volunteers in 2020: 15.

2020-21 Total Operating Budget: $921,000

Percentage of revenue spent on program services: 80%

Geographical area or specific population served: Statewide.

The greatest need
Household Items, Amazon Wish List Items, Christmas Wish List Holder.

Top achievements 2021:

Implementation of a brief strategic family therapy program that focuses on strengthening positive relationships and reducing negative relationships within families; provided safe and nurturing style to over 30 children, responded to the growing need for foster children who have experienced trauma due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2022 objectives:

Expand our BSFT program and continue evidence-based practices to improve the quality of care for foster children.

2022 fundraising events:

Fall mail fundraising, Christmas toy drive and event planning for our next 50and birthday.

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