Business plan

Money Protects’ iconic Unicorn business plan will revolutionize the world of finance

Money Protects focuses on a working model that thoroughly follows research-backed blueprints, with global standards, and owns a copyright of the innovation model that has been well approved by European IP Depository, Berlin, Germany.

Mirza Ashraf Beg, founder of Money Protects shares his vision. “Our structural and operational plan is to bring financial innovations together to bridge the gap between long-term sustainability and trust in the financial services ecosystem with a goal of potential unicorn expansion within 2-3 years.

“Our bigger goal is to increase consumer reach into complex fintech products for greater financial stability and equitable growth through our highly simplified services, and to solve consumers’ real problems for their sustainable financial freedom. “, he adds.

With the goal of continuing to focus on detailed business activities under one umbrella to deliver real value to consumers. Money Protects is getting into their business and taking advantage of solutions on the loops left by banks and financial institutions. To bridge this gap, Money Protects innovative solution starts with 3 composite innovation packs (Mortgage Market Drive) to revolutionize the financial services market.

The company plans to target an untapped market of Dh17.45 billion per year (5% NPL on average) with 7.4% year-on-year growth, with the total available market in the sector exceeding the 50 billion Dh each year. The expected turnover should reach 1.8 billion dirhams in 2025, with a gross profit of 698 million dirhams. Operating expenses will reach 50 million Dh, and the net profit for the year 2025 is 560 million Dh.

Over five years, Money Protects plans to expand into the GCC and US markets, establishing a business size of $250 billion, reaching a customer base of 200,000, while increasing financial sustainability, power to purchase and economic stability, and by strengthening real estate markets.

Money Protects was founded in October 2021 by Mirza Ashraf Beg, a former banker, and other banking industry investors with the common goal of facilitating technology-driven, digital-accelerated product offerings in planning and financial freedom, debt management and wealth management. The company’s low-risk asset creation and restructuring innovation model is key to ensuring long-term sustainability and growth, creating value propositions and problem-solving ecosystems. Other services include digitally enhanced lifelong financial advice, innovation and support for debt, equity, restructuring, income, cash flow, assets and liabilities, and more. .