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McNamee Named Business Manager of the Year | New

LINCOLN – The Rhode Island Association of School Business Officials (RIASBO) has named John McNamee 2022-2023 School Business Administrator of the Year.

McNamee, who came to Lincoln School Department via North Providence in 2018, was appointed by Superintendent Larry Filippelli, who said McNamee had been an invaluable member of the team for years.

“I came to Lincoln as Superintendent in July 2018. John was one of my first hires and it has become clear to me over the past four years that he is one of my best,” said Filippelli said.

“John’s depth and breadth of school building knowledge, in my opinion, is second only to the RIDE office that controls school building and finances,” he said.

As Business Manager, “John is always looking for ways for us to maximize our budget, implement our district’s vision, and support our students while maintaining a strong financial footing,” Filippelli said. It’s not an easy task, but McNamee “was able to craft a deficit reduction plan, help us negotiate new health care terms with our teachers’ association to cut costs, and creatively fund our projects. of construction to help expedite the completion schedule.”

Filippeli also credited McNamee with fostering strong professional relationships and securing funding for projects like the physical education center.

“I often tell my colleagues that I have one of the best, if not the best school business administrator in the state. This has certainly been proven to me over the past two years,” Filippelli wrote in his RIASBO application materials.