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Global Warming Solutions is making progress on the business plan. Provides battery test update

Temecula, Calif., Nov. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Warming Solutions, Inc. (OTC: GWSO), a global developer of green technologies that reduce carbon footprints and help mitigate global warming, is delighted to announce the final stage of the preliminary testing phase of their patented sodium-ion battery.

GWSO and AQST engineers have worked tirelessly to test every component of the 100% American-made commercial sodium battery that is safe, economical, and efficient. The tests mainly focused on static pressure and auxiliary systems. By thoroughly testing each component, GWSO will have a refined analysis and detailed breakdown of its superior battery technology. The company is pleased with the promising preliminary results. Next, GWSO will work with a leading engineering company to perform independent test validation to consolidate the accuracy of the final results. The team will test the completed battery under extreme operational and environmental conditions to study behavior and write a full report on the results.

AQST has been instrumental in extensive testing of battery components to ensure the highest possible accuracy. AQST General Manager, Raymond Caldas, proudly stated that “The AQST USA and GWSO teams worked at a fast pace for long hours, seven days a week for many weeks, validating, testing and qualifying materials, components, instruments and ancillary systems to demonstrate just how reliable and disruptive this technology truly is.Our commitment at AQST USA is to provide accurate and validated data, allowing us to continue the development of a high quality system.Collecting and compiling vital information to validate and demonstrate why this one-of-a-kind system will disrupt the energy market by providing a versatile, reliable, durable, cost-effective, emission-free and 100% Made-To-Solution energy in America.

As the Global Warming Solutions engineering team achieves the forefront of a high-powered alternative to the lithium-ion battery, the business development team has relentlessly created a sustainable go-to-market strategy. After a critical analysis of the market, GWSO decided to develop its first commercial battery designed for the heavy transport sector. The transport sector has become the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, although heavy trucks represent only 5% of total US motor vehicles, they produce 26% of total emissions from the transportation sector according to the latest EPA data. GWSO’s strategic focus on industry will enable the company to become an innovative industry leader in transforming the $600 billion heavy-vehicle industry into a more efficient and environmentally responsible industry. GWSO’s proprietary technology will be able to convert any existing diesel truck into a zero-emission vehicle. In the United States alone, there are one million trucks on the road every day. The company has developed a new solution to convert existing heavy goods vehicles into environmentally friendly and more powerful vehicles, without the need to build new infrastructure or charging stations. The service will quickly install new GWSO batteries that will increase range by an average of 25% and significantly reduce fuel costs. The trucking business is just the beginning for GWSO.

The underlying battery technology can be implemented in various fast growing industries. Overall, the $133 billion battery manufacturing industry is expected to nearly triple to $310 billion by 2027, according to research by Grand View. One specific industry GWSO plans to expand into is stationary energy storage, which is expected to grow by more than 2,000% from 2020 to 2030 according to UBS. GWSO will be able to lead the transition to cleaner energy systems by providing cost-effective power generators that increase energy reliability and grid resilience.

The company provided an infographic to illustrate strategic decisions.
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