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DyDo: Opinion on the formulation of the medium-term business plan 2026

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January 14, 2022


DyDo Group Holdings, Inc.


Tomiya Takamatsu, President

(Code 2590 on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)


Naokazu Hasegawa, business executive

and General Manager of the Corporate Communication Department

Opinion on the formulation of the medium-term business plan 2026

This notice outlines the 2026 Mid-Term Business Plan, a five-year plan beginning in fiscal year 2022 that DyDo Group has adopted as a roadmap for the growth phase of its efforts to achieve the Group’s 2030 mission, which defines a vision for 2030 .

1. Overview of the 2030 Group Mission

In line with its group philosophy – “To create happiness and prosperity, with people and with society. To achieve this goal, DyDo Group will continue to meet new challenges dynamically” – DyDo Group has adopted “So that the DyDo Group creates enjoyable and healthy lifestyles for people around the world” as the Group Mission 2030, which defines a vision for 2030.

The Group Mission 2030 defines the missions to be achieved by 2030 for each of the four themes and provides a roadmap for their achievement. Specifically, it divides the period leading up to 2030 into three stages: a platform-building and investment stage, a growth stage, and an achievement stage. We will work to help create a sustainable society where people around the world can enjoy enjoyable and healthy lifestyles while striving to achieve sustained growth and increase the value of our business over the medium to long term through creation of social, environmental and economic value by continuing our activities. strategies adapted to each stage.

2. Formulation of the 2026 medium-term business plan

As part of the 2021 medium-term business plan, a three-year plan that began in fiscal 2019, we have been working tirelessly

building a platform for the future as a platform-strengthening and investing step in our efforts to achieve the 2030 vision.

Going forward, our task will be to build on the results we have achieved to date in implementing a growth strategy that takes into account major changes in the business environment while addressing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic as opportunities for growth.

Under the Mid-Term Business Plan 2026, a five-year plan that begins in fiscal 2022, we will promote business development with a long-term perspective while focusing on restoring industry growth. domestic beverages as a growth stage in our efforts to prepare for the future.

For more information on the 2026 mid-term business plan, please see the separate documents outlining our management policy information note.