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DOE announces $127 million for small business research and development grants

News – WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced awards totaling $127 million to a diverse set of small businesses working on advanced science tools and clean, safe energy for the American people. The 110 projects in 26 states are seeking technology solutions that support the Biden-Harris administration’s clean energy goals – in areas ranging from cybersecurity, renewable energy, carbon management, grid reliability and fusion energy.

“Small businesses are the backbone of American communities, representing some of our best opportunities to make the clean energy innovations our country needs to meet President Biden’s goal of net zero carbon emissions by here 2050,” said Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm. “These funding grants will help small businesses take their work to the next level, expand their operations and create new jobs, and help fight the existential crisis of our time – climate change.”

Small businesses represent 99.9% of all American businesses, employing nearly half of American workers and creating two out of three new jobs in the private sector.

The awards announced today are administered by the DOE’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, which were created to encourage diverse communities to participate in technology innovation, as well as to create a bridge between scientific breakthroughs supported by the DOE and viable products and services for the commercial market. Funding for today’s projects came from DOE’s Offices of Science and Energy Programs, Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation, and Office of Environmental Management.

“Ohio companies are leading the way in industrial energy efficiency,” said Senator Sherrod Brown (OH). “These federal funds will allow us to continue to invest in advanced energy technologies, to create local jobs and improve our economy in a responsible and sustainable way, while developing the next generation of innovative technologies.

“Massachusetts continues to be a leader in energy technology, and I’m proud that so many of our small businesses have received research and development grants through the Department of Energy. “, said Senator Edward J. Markey (MA). “From battery improvements to innovations in offshore wind, these grants will support the hard work of decarbonizing our energy systems and continue to rebuild our economy at the same time.”

“Now is the time to invest in sustainable energy, so that we can protect our environment and provide clean, affordable energy to Rhode Island homes and businesses for generations to come,” said Representative Jim Langevin (RI-02). “This federal funding will help prevent costly lightning damage to wind turbines, reduce downtime, and allow the Ocean State to continue leading the way in innovative wind energy solutions. .”

“I am very pleased to see the federal government providing $127 million in grants to support the advancement of clean energy alternatives. These grants will help 110 projects in 26 states advance America’s global leadership in clean energy,” said Representative Ted Deutch (FL-22). “I’m especially proud that Boca Raton-based Alchemr has received over $1.1 million to explore hydrogen energy as a cleaner alternative that will help decarbonize our economy.”

“I applaud this investment by the Department of Energy in advanced energy technologies,” said Representative Rodney Davis (IL-13). “These Champaign businesses are doing valuable work and I can’t wait to see what they can accomplish with this federal funding.”

“Dirac Solutions is doing important work that helps protect our nuclear energy systems, which are part of America’s clean energy future,” said Representative Eric Swalwell (CA-15). “I am thrilled that the Department of Energy recognizes and supports the spirit of innovation that Dirac brings to California’s 15th congressional district.”

“I am thrilled to see the Department of Energy recognizing the hard work and innovation of Central Coast small businesses that contribute to the ongoing efforts to provide clean energy and secure communications,” said Representative Salud Carbajal (CA-24). “As we work towards a renewable future, it is businesses that will lead the way.”

“From Andover to Chelmsford to Marlborough, small business innovators here in Massachusetts’ third congressional district are proving critical to solving the challenges we face as a nation,” said Representative Lori Trahan (MA-03). “These grants are necessary investments in organizations like Triton, Solid Material Solutions, Physical Sciences, and Aspen Products Group that are uniquely focused on creating a clean energy future and breaking down science barriers.”

“Susteon Inc. in Cary is tackling the climate crisis head-on with its innovative approaches to carbon reduction and hydrogen generation,” said Representative Deborah Ross (NC-02). “I am delighted to announce that they have received a grant from the Ministry of Energy to continue this essential work. As we battle the disastrous effects of climate change, continued investment in small companies like Susteon is critical to carbon management success and will help propel our country toward a cleaner energy future. I look forward to seeing the great work they will do with this grant and will continue to fight for federal funding to fight climate change.

Selected projects include:

  • Incorporation of Princeton NuEnergy, Bordentown, NJ ($1.15 million): development of a new process to recycle, regenerate and upgrade aging lithium-ion batteries.
  • RiKarbon, Inc., Newark, DE ($1.15 million): commercializing technology to produce low-cost plastic waste and mitigate the health risks of plastics to humans and marine life.
  • Arctura, Inc., South Kingstown, RI ($1.15 million): Development of an innovative coating for wind turbine blades to reduce lightning damage.
  • Photovoltaic Phase3, Portland, OR ($1.05 million): Design of prefabricated homes with factory-integrated solar panels.
  • NextTC Corporation, Corvallis, OR ($1.1 million): Development of new technologies to improve the performance of solar modules and reduce the cost of materials.
  • Fastwatt LLC, Clifton Park, NY ($1.57 million): Scaling offshore wind turbines to larger sizes that can lower the cost of electricity.
  • Bettergy Corp., Peekskill, NY ($1.15 million): Development of a practical and cost-effective technology for the reuse of brine wastewater from oilfields or geothermal sites.
  • Vista Clara Inc., Mukilteo, WA ($1.15 million): Development of specialized sensors to monitor changes in the subsoil and improve the management of the cleanup of contaminated sites.
  • Creative Power Solutions, (USA), Inc., Fountain Hills, AZ ($1.6 million): Development and commercialization of ammonia gas turbine combustion technology for use as clean, carbon-free fuel and energy storage.
  • Susteon inc., Cary, NC ($1.6 million): Using dual-function materials that capture CO2 from the air to dramatically reduce the cost of direct air capture.
  • Emissol LLC, Mill Creek, WA ($1.65 million): Pursuing a low-cost path to reduce the overall cost of CO2 capture and accelerate the path from direct air capture to market and commercialization.
  • Epir, Inc., Bolingbrook, IL ($1.1 million): development of a measurement system on semiconductor substrates.

For more information on the 110 projects, click on here.

For more information on the DOE’s SBIR and STTR programs, visit the Office of Programs website.