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DEW Appoints New Deputy Executive Director of Workforce Development > Columbia Business Report

Nina Staggers is the new Deputy Executive Director of Workforce Development for SC’s Department of Employment and Workforce.

In his new position, Staggers will be responsible for the direction and administrative oversight of federal workforce programs, according to a DEW press release. It will also develop funded initiatives to remove barriers that prevent people from gaining employment in high-growth, high-demand occupations.

“I’m thrilled to be transitioning into this new role at the agency,” Staggers said. “From the workforce development team to the support staff, everyone in our agency is passionate about helping South Carolina people find work, gain financial independence, build local businesses and improve communities through our workforce efforts.”

She previously served as Deputy Deputy Executive Director of Workforce Development at the agency since February 2021 and has worked at DEW for over seven years. During her tenure at DEW, she served as Project Coordinator, Director of Grants Management and Director of Special Initiatives within the Workforce Development Division.

Staggers holds a bachelor’s degree from Clemson University and a doctorate from Widener University.

“Nina is a great example of an employee who rises through the ranks of an agency with exceptional talent, leadership qualities and a strong commitment to her work,” said Dan Ellzey, DEW’s Managing Director. . “His solid track record in developing partnerships with the workforce and following up on large and small-scale projects speaks to his professionalism.”

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