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Name of the organization: Communities in South Carolina Schools

Year of establishment locally: 1987

Senior local leader: Jamie Cooper, President and CEO

Contact information:
1691 Turnbull Avenue, Suite 200
North Charleston, SC 29405
Call: 877-920-3633

Contacts for corporate donations:
Latasha Taste, Regional Director of Development – Midlands
1691 Turnbull Avenue, Suite 200
North Charleston, SC 29405
Call: 803-254-9727
E-mail: Taste Latasha

Average number of volunteers in 2020: 250

Total operating budget (2019-2020):
$ 3.9 million

Percentage of revenue spent on program services: 80%

Geographic area or specific population served: Statewide.

Greatest need
Students are struggling to adjust to a variety of changes in their daily and academic lives as the pandemic continues. The increased need for our particular program, Communities In Schools, focuses on three main areas of support:
1. Additional funding to expand operations to communities that need it most
2. Mentors and tutors to support our case management students
3. Individuals and businesses partner with us for school supplies, nearest clothing, and vacation collections.

Best achievements 2021:

In January 2021, Communities In Schools in South Carolina merged three pre-existing CIS subsidiaries, Greenville, Midlands and Charleston, to form Communities In Schools of South Carolina. This merger was designed with the goal of strengthening, deepening and increasing our impact on students across the state. In our first year of amalgamation, we served three additional school sites around the state and added four new staff, allowing us to increase our impact with more than 18,000 South Carolina students. In the Midlands, the merger gave us the opportunity to grow in Fairfield County by serving the 400 students at Fairfield Middle School in grades 6 and 7.

2022 objectives:

Following the lead of our merger in 2021, CISSC is excited to execute on our strategy of strengthening, deepening and growing our program throughout the state of South Carolina. Our intentions are to expand into other rural markets, launch our alumni engagement program by providing additional support to CIS program students after graduation from high school, and continue to grow our network of partners to ensure the success of our program. In addition, the results of our students are measured each year by progress in school level, graduation and the ABCs of CIS (attendance, behavior and coursework). By the end of the school year, we plan to achieve the following goals:

By June 2022, 85% of students in care will have maintained or improved adequate academic behavior as measured by the number of extracurricular suspensions.

By June 2022, 75% of case management students will demonstrate positive gains in socio-emotional skills from pre-test to post-test on DESSA or SEAD assessments.

Fundraising Events:

Illuminate the power of one
Join us from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, November 14 at the Statehouse. Together, we will spotlight over 4,000 luminaries on the steps of Statehouse to honor the students we work with in the Midlands, and raise funds to strengthen, deepen and expand our programming. If you would like to be a regional partner, purchase fixtures on behalf of your organization, or find out more, visit or contact Latasha Taste at [email protected]

Corporate giving opportunities in 2022:

Individuals, businesses, foundations, civic groups and churches are encouraged to participate in the following programs: 1. Corporate program partnerships ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 100,000; 2. Regional event sponsorships for the Illuminating the Power of One event (ranging from $ 500 to $ 1,000); 3. Midlands Gives May 2022 Individual contributions, one-off, monthly or action donations. To make a tax-deductible donation, please contact Latasha Taste, Regional Director of Development at [email protected]

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