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Canton Central Business Manager Provides Senior Tax Exemption Details to School Board

Nov. 6 – CANTON – A combination of the enhanced STAR exemption (school tax relief) and the Canton Central School Seniors Exemption could result in the elimination of school taxes for some low-income seniors. revenue.

Canton Central School business manager Denise J. Folsom explained the seniors’ exemption to school board members at their Thursday meeting.

Canton’s exemption, Ms. Folsom said, falls roughly in the middle compared to neighboring districts.

A homeowner over 65 who earns less than $11,700 gets a 50% reduction on their assessed value, she said.

There is a sliding scale for those earning $11,700 and below up to those earning a maximum of $19,199.

An owner who earns the maximum amount would receive a 20% assessment reduction.

Brushton-Moira, Colton Pierrepont, Gouverneur, Salmon River and St. Regis Falls school districts do not offer any exemptions.

Potsdam Central offers exemptions on a sliding scale for people earning between $12,000 and $17,699.

Masséna and Lisbon offer an exemption for those earning less than $12,000.

Indian River Central School offers exemptions of up to $20,699. In Alexandria Bay, the maximum is $18,499.

“If you had a house and your total value was $162,800 and you’re over 65 and earning less than $93,200, you would qualify for STAR, which would take $81,400 off your full assessment. and that’s what you would be taxed on,” Ms. Folsom said.

Then, if a taxpayer met the school’s exemption income limits, the assessment would be lower by an additional 10% to 50%.

“If you’re that eligible taxpayer for the STAR and the senior citizen exemption, you have the option of paying nothing,” Ms. Folsom said.

The policy has not been reviewed for several years, Ms. Folsom said, and the school board could change it.

There is a process to change the policy that would require a public hearing, Ms Folsom said.

“It can be done, if there is interest,” she said.