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Cameroon launches two apps for scoring and developing business plans for SMEs

(Business in Cameroon) – The Cameroonian government has launched two applications dedicated to the environment of SMEs. One, NotaPme, is an evaluation application and the second, MyOBus, is intended for the development of business plans. The ceremony was chaired by Achille Bassilekin III (photo), the Minister in charge of SMEs.

The Agence de promotion des PME (APME), which built these tools, said that they are useful in improving the bankability of projects supported by APME, by providing educational assistance in the design of the business plan. on the one hand, and by issuing an opinion on a set of measurable and factual criteria, on the other hand on credit risk. For banks and investment companies, these two applications provide additional information on the credibility and financial health of the companies contacted while helping to improve their risk management.

The APME explains that these new digital tools allow project leaders to simulate in real time, the hypotheses of creation or development of their company. They will benefit from remote assistance, based on a didactic and pedagogical approach from various high-level speakers; the apps will also provide them with a chart on their creditworthiness.

For business support service providers, these applications improve the content and good support practices by strengthening their notoriety and their notoriety by the conversion rate of supported projects into funded projects.

With these two platforms, said Achille Bassilekin III, major advances will be made regarding SMEs. This will allow investors, promoters and business creators to increase the productivity of Cameroonian companies.

It should be noted that 90% of SME promoters in Cameroon, according to the National Institute of Statistics, operate in the informal sector and know little or nothing about the regulatory procedures for deployment on the local or international market.