Business plan

Business Plan Summary Sample & Template – Forbes Advisor

The executive summary should mimic the sections found in the business plan. It’s just a more concise way to state the contents of the plan so that a reader can get a general overview of what to expect.


State the mission statement of the company and explain in a few sentences the objective of the company.

Company history and management

This section outlines the basics of where the business is located, how long it has been in business, who runs it, and what their level of experience is. Remember that this is a summary and you will expand on your management experience in the business plan itself. But the reader should know the basics of the company structure and who runs the company from this section.

Products or services

This section tells the reader what the company’s product or service is. Every business does something. This is where you describe exactly what you do and how you solve a problem for the consumer.

The market

This is an important section that summarizes the market size for the product or service. In the business plan, you will do a complete market analysis. Here you will write the main takeaways that show you have the potential to grow the business because there are consumers in the market for it.

Competitive advantages

This is where you will summarize what makes you better than your competitors. Identify the strengths that will be the reasons why consumers will choose you over another company.

Financial projections

This is where you estimate sales projections for the first few years of business. At a minimum, you should have projections for at least one year, but three to five years might be better if you can project that far ahead.

Start-up financing needs

This indicates what it will cost to start and run the business. You can approach this as a first year requirement or, if you have made other projections, look at the cost needs over two to three years.