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Bringing Android TV to Independent Service Providers

From the NCTC Independent Broadcast

ORLANDO — Media and entertainment technology company Amino and Innovative Systems have partnered to bring an integrated Android TV managed services offering to market. This is set to bring a greater variety of content to a diverse population of subscribers.

The technology combination can provide a carrier-grade system with a modern user experience for linear and streaming content while supporting legacy pay-TV infrastructures, giving independent service providers a competitive and profitable advantage, the companies say.

The Amigo 7X includes Amino Engage, a SaaS management tool that manages and supports all Android TV devices and apps to improve service quality and experience.

“When integrated with Innovative’s Innostream MG-TV IPTV and OTT solutions, the managed service is a complete solution with everything needed for an integrated OTT and Pay TV service that is easy to deploy, support and to offer operators the benefits of Android TV,” the companies claim.

Amino Group CEO Donald McGarva said, “The demand for a managed video service has never been greater, especially in the North American market. Being able to offer robust TV-as-a-service for Android TV fills a major gap for independent operators and their subscribers. We have already seen tremendous adoption of our Android TV solutions and this integration with our long-time partner Innovative Systems will further expand our reach.

The InnoStream integration includes the latest Engage service management features that are especially beneficial for independent operators, such as managing firmware/software updates and streamlining customer support with innovative features such as virtual remote control.

Additionally, Amino’s established device distribution network, particularly in North America, provides a reliable supply chain that ensures customers have product when they need it. Innovative Systems is the #1 middleware deployed by small and midsize video operators in North America because, according to their customers, “It just works.”

“We are fortunate to bring this managed Android TV solution to our customer base with Amino because it meets their needs on many levels,” said Scott Sobolewski, vice president of sales at Innovative Systems. “It attracts and retains subscribers because the user interface is familiar and easy to use. Having a managed device at home reduces operator operational expenses and provides exceptional customer service. This is clearly a partnership win-win.

Reporting by Kelly Foster

Innovative Systems (booth #416) and Amino (booth #232) are each at the NCTC Independent Show in Orlando, which ends Wednesday (7/27).