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Black Buffalo 3D printer distribution partners

Credit: Black Buffalo

Black Buffalo 3D Corp., the Pennsylvania-based subsidiary of Big Sun Holdings Group, recently entered into a partnership with Presidio, a company focused on innovation in the real estate and construction industry, granting Presidio Advisors the rights distributor of NEXCON 3D construction of Black Buffalo 3D printers, inks and related equipment in the Middle East.

“Presidio brings with it extensive expertise in selling, distributing and promoting new technologies in the Middle East,” said Michael Woods, CEO and COO of Black Buffalo 3D. “This agreement will allow us to better serve companies looking to get into 3D construction with local representation and support as we grow Black Buffalo 3D’s global footprint.”

This partnership allows Black Buffalo 3D to better meet the growing global demand for large-scale 3D construction equipment and materials. It also helps accelerate the adoption of NEXCON printing technology worldwide.

Black Buffalo 3D has developed large-scale modular construction 3D printers and the first structural concrete ink designed to meet ICC-ES AC-509 testing requirements. The company continues to perfect its equipment and materials to increase the adoption of 3D printing in the construction industry.

Black Buffalo 3D has offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Presidio focuses on the Saudi, Turkish, North African, Emirati and Egyptian markets.