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NY-ATL-LA- Remote- Job Details :: Audio Producer and Writer

The Grio

(n) grī / ō, ‘grīō: journalist. Historian. Praise to the singer. Poet. Musician. Conservative. Storyteller.

TheGrio is a video-centric digital news community dedicated to empowering trusted front-line personalities who inspire us every day, and new perspectives that defy convention because there is more than one way of being black. We believe that a well-informed community best determines its own interests. And so, TheGrio’s editorial mandate is to focus on news and events that have a pronounced impact on a black global audience. We unabashedly explore culture and entertainment, health and lifestyle, politics and policy, business and empowerment, science and climate, technology and innovation, and all that matters we. From Kampala to Atlanta, TheGrio is black culture amplified.

TheGrio is strongly strengthening its editorial staff. It is an investment in the core competencies of the business. These jobs will be primarily based in New York and Atlanta. Some of the positions will be opportunities to work from other cities or entirely remotely. Byron Allen, CEO of Allen Media Group, said, “TheGrio is the leader in fearless journalism and inspirational black storytelling. No other black medium has our reach or cumulative impact on audiences. This is a natural growth in our brand sponsorships and editorial partnerships for TheGrio’s content across digital, mobile, streaming, podcast and social media.


TheGrio is looking for Audio Producers and Editors for its Podcast Network. Ideal candidates will help write and produce episodes for multiple podcasts per week. This job is located in New York, NY.


Assist the Podcast Editor in all aspects of content creation.
Produce and develop episode content and show ideas that match the specific themes of the Grio podcast – covering all aspects of the black experience – including news, entertainment, politics, social justice, education, etc.
Look for current events, trends, and topics that keep theGrio brand relevant, fresh, and impactful to black audiences.
Writing scripts for several podcasts.
Collaborate with hosts and media teams to respond to their vision and clarify the storyline when setting up episode interviews, but also feel comfortable working independently.
Ensure that every show meets the highest audio and video quality standards.
Cooperates in production and post-production.
Diligently maintains schedules and workflows for all podcasts.
Ensures accurate and timely management of an audio, archive and music library.
Search for audio material for each episode.
Managing files in a storage system.
Proactively support a healthy newsroom culture with high performance and quality commitments.
Systematically and carefully track the sources of material for licensing.
Keeps abreast of news and current affairs relating to Black America and the Diaspora.

A bachelor’s degree is required.
Deep knowledge and awareness of black America.
Strong knowledge of narrative storytelling.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Excellent organizational and time management skills.
Demonstrated organizational and time management skills.
Works well under deadline pressure with multiple projects in production at the same time.
Ability to work independently, to be proactive and to take initiative.
3 years of production / writing experience in the audio, podcast industry.
Maintains standards of ethical journalism.
Works as a team player able to communicate clearly with key stakeholders.
Have a solid understanding of rights and permissions.
Must have expert level experience with all aspects of audio production.
Demonstrated knowledge of online production and multimedia storytelling, online publishing systems and technologies.
Story driven production experience.

About Us:

We are the premier black-owned video-centric digital news platform dedicated to providing Black America with compelling stories and perspectives.

Established in 2009, TheGrio is a trusted voice in the black community. In 2021, we continue to reshape media narratives, raise black voices and report from the front lines of our communities.