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Anna Delvey Family Business Manager helped Alan Reed

Who is Peter Hennecke, business manager of the Anna Delvey family, helped Alan Reed: Viewers of Netflix’s Inventing Anna are scratching their heads because this show is more than a normal scam show and currently at the top of the charts, this show is inspired by a true story of a girl. Audiences are showing interest in this new Netflix real-life based documentary in large numbers. Inventing Anna has been streaming on the platform since February 11, 2022. Read this article to the end to find out who is Peter Hennecke? And who is he? Scroll down and take a look at all the sections of this blog. Follow more updates at

Who is Peter Hennecke?

This show gives different content to the audience, that’s the reason why people are excited to see this show and read about the characters of the show. In this show, we see a young girl who rips off the bigwigs of the United States. Anna is an evil genius in the series. The Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin scam is one of the most famous and prominent scams of the modern era. She conned many of the richest people in the country with her partner in crime named Peter Hennecke. At the start of the series, the audience will only hear the voice of his partner in crime, but later more information was revealed.

Anna Delvey Family Business Manager helped Alan Reed

The big question that arises in the minds of the viewers of the show is who is the guy behind the voice and here is the spoiler of this suspense, the person behind the voice was none other than Sorokin who spoke using a voice changer program from a fake SIM card that displayed a German number. It’s one of her tricks to trick people, there’s no doubt that she’s taken so many more steps to scam the rich.

As we revealed in the section above, Peter was none other than Anna herself who created this character by changing her voice with a voice changer app. She later said her manager died while she was asked about Peter to refrain from contact with Peter. If we talk about where Peter is, we can say that he is in prison with Anna because Anna is the person who created Peter with her voice.