Business plan

Achievements of the Halton Business Plan 2019-2022

Halton has released the achievements of its 2019-2022 business plan. This gives insight into how taxpayers’ money has been spent.

The update covers the region’s successes in managing growth, well-being, infrastructure, environment and governance.

Growth management

  • Established a framework to accommodate the province’s mandated growth for Halton of 1.1 million people and 500,000 jobs by 2051
  • Built 15,000 homes since 2019
  • Funding $1.5 billion for water, wastewater and transportation infrastructure
  • Construction of three paramedic posts


  • Coordinated regional supports in the event of a COVID-19 pandemic
  • Creation of 191 new assisted housing opportunities
  • Provided homelessness prevention supports to 5,982 households
  • Creation of a community wellness center for seniors
  • Investing $13 million in non-profit social service programs and initiatives
  • Expanded Community Paramedicine Program
  • Launch of the Ontario Dental Care Program for Seniors
  • Developing an Early Learning and Child Care Plan 2022-2025

Transport and infrastructure

  • Investing over $900 million in transportation infrastructure, including the Wyecroft Road Extension and Bridge Project, improvements to Trafalgar Road, Dundas Street and Britannia Road, and the completion of the William Halton Parkway
  • Funding $1.5 billion in water, wastewater and transportation infrastructure, including the disposal of effluent from the new Mid-Halton Wastewater Treatment Plant, the expansion of the Acton Wastewater Treatment Plant and the decommissioning of the Milton Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Implementation of the Construction Ambassador program

Environmental Protection

  • Declared a climate change emergency
  • 5.1% reduction in company GHG emissions
  • Saved $3 million per year in energy costs
  • Region Solid Waste Management Strategy Update


  • Maintaining the highest credit rating (AAA)
  • Keep increases in tax rates at or below the rate of inflation
  • Satisfaction with the residence maintained at 90% or more for regional services and customer service
  • Received the Greater Toronto’s Top Employers award and was selected as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Recent Graduates for 2022