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A new president for the SummitMedia / Knoxville market

Just days after coming to the attention of a series of moves in Honolulu, SummitMediaThe broadcasting company led by President / CEO Carl Parmeris set to bid farewell to its chairman retiring from the market at its Knoxville station group.

With Chris ProtzmanRetiring,” on February 1, which concludes an 18-year run at the stations helm, SummitMedia is turning to a woman who served as the cluster’s Local Sales Manager five years ago before leaving the group.

Kelsey Graham Protzman succeed, and she returned to Knoxville Athens, Ga., where she was director of the Cox Group media station in the small market that is home to the main campus of the University of Georgia.

“I’m very excited to return to the Knoxville market and group that I managed in 2017 as LSM,” Graham said. “This homecoming is both a personal and professional desire.
for me and my family. Carl’s passion for Operation Knoxville and our team members
drove this perfect fit.”

Commenting on his retirement, Protzman added, “Carl and I started this conversation last fall and I’m thrilled with how all the pieces have come together. As I transition into the next chapter of my professional life, I look forward to completing my work as Chairman Emeritus of our State Broadcasting Association, as well as advancing several nonprofit projects near and dear to my heart. SummitMedia has pledged to support these efforts moving forward and I am deeply grateful for their support.”

Parmer commented, “Chris has done an outstanding job at our Knoxville band and we wish him the best as his next chapter begins. He was instrumental in helping choose his successor and we couldn’t be happier for our team.”