Insurance Agency “FinExpress” announces unprecedented conditions for agents with a client base . Due to the high volumes of our fees, we can confidently state that your commission, with our mediation, will be the highest in St. Petersburg and the region. % KV will grow continuously along with the growth in sales volumes.

The company’s policy is aimed at facilitating the activities of Super-Agents. We do everything to ensure that you can do your main job qualitatively – searching for clients. We solve all the related issues for you!

If you are a novice agent, thanks to the huge potential and the availability of a well-functioning system of work, we can easily make you a real pro!

Why you need to cooperate with our company?

1. In the list of our partners more than 20 insurance companies, which allows you to choose the most optimal insurance option for your client.

The motivation of the agent in our company is not limited to a high% KV. It is a whole system of bonuses, bonuses and privileges:

2. The FinExpress agent can earn not only on his clients, but also on his agent group.

Successful agents of FinExpress:

transportation and communication costs are paid; reimbursable hospitality: business cards, etc .;

a password is issued for the use of specials. resources of the corporate agent support system;

is given the opportunity to participate in corporate events.

3. Due to the serious turnover of our company and close cooperation with insurance companies, our agents can provide the highest service and resolve disputable issues in favor of their client.

4. For inexperienced agents, there is a specially developed system of adaptation, which allows you to literally “from scratch” earn decent money.

5. Qualified free training, methodical support and many other things are provided.