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Attention of persons under 16 years of age

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Collection and use of information

We collect and use information (including name, phone, address, e-mail) in order to:

1. Answer your questions.
2. To provide services for the sale of insurance products.
3. To provide feedback to customers.
4. For methodological support of agents.

Customer information support

From time to time, there is a need to inform our customers, for example, due to changes in the stochastic digging, changing addresses, personal managers, etc. In such cases, we can use the personal information collected on our website to inform our customers.

Collection of non-personalized information

We automatically collect non-personalized information about our customers. This information includes information on which you can not be identified, for example, the type of browser, the Web site from which you transferred to our site. We can also conduct generalized statistics about visitors to our site (about age, place of residence, etc.)

Using Cookies

For authorized users, a closed part of our site, we can store information (cookies) on the computer of the user. We can also read this information when you revisit our site. This information can be collected on our website together with information about the date of your visit and your IP address. This information is anonymous and rather represents information about the computer than about the user.
You can block the use of cookies, but then you may not have access to some sections of our site.

Restricting access to the site

The company “FinExpress”, reserves the right to refuse access to the site without explaining the reasons. The most common reasons for restricting access to the site are attempts to hack, for the purpose of infecting with viruses, spam, as well as obscene and offensive comments and reviews left on our site.


Insurance Agency “FinExpress” announces unprecedented conditions for agents with a client base . Due to the high volumes of our fees, we can confidently state that your commission, with our mediation, will be the highest in St. Petersburg and the region. % KV will grow continuously along with the growth in sales volumes.

The company’s policy is aimed at facilitating the activities of Super-Agents. We do everything to ensure that you can do your main job qualitatively – searching for clients. We solve all the related issues for you!

If you are a novice agent, thanks to the huge potential and the availability of a well-functioning system of work, we can easily make you a real pro!

Why you need to cooperate with our company?

1. In the list of our partners more than 20 insurance companies, which allows you to choose the most optimal insurance option for your client.

The motivation of the agent in our company is not limited to a high% KV. It is a whole system of bonuses, bonuses and privileges:

2. The FinExpress agent can earn not only on his clients, but also on his agent group.

Successful agents of FinExpress:

transportation and communication costs are paid; reimbursable hospitality: business cards, etc .;

a password is issued for the use of specials. resources of the corporate agent support system;

is given the opportunity to participate in corporate events.

3. Due to the serious turnover of our company and close cooperation with insurance companies, our agents can provide the highest service and resolve disputable issues in favor of their client.

4. For inexperienced agents, there is a specially developed system of adaptation, which allows you to literally “from scratch” earn decent money.

5. Qualified free training, methodical support and many other things are provided.


Finexpress actively promotes insurance products of leading insurance companies in the market of St. Petersburg. This in many ways determines the nature of our cooperation with the insurance companies of the city.

We try to evaluate both the financial indicators of the insurer (available from official sources), and the organization of work on the formation of payment cases, the method of calculating and covering the loss from the insured event, the quality of the work of the payment departments, and the rate of review of claims of policyholders (unofficial information).

Further, our experts assess the convenience and reliability for the insured of the proposed insurance product, i.e. excluded risks, the way of payment of insurance compensation, the list of unrequired documents for the payment of the latter, etc.

An important factor for successful cooperation with an insurance company is the availability of accreditation of this company in one or several banking institutions, the possibility to accept for insurance the risks of death or damage to mortgaged property.

In any case, the decision to include the insurance company in the list of our partners is carried out through friendly negotiations, which are preceded by consideration of the necessary documentation on insurance products and key terms of cooperation.